Saturday, February 25, 2006

Stop the wedding...
you're just marrying her for spite....
if she knew the inside story, she'd tell you it just ain't right...

Recently, I ran into someone from my past life.
She told me that she had a partner, that they had been together for about four years, and that he had two children from a previous marriage.

I thought.

Then, she said that they had three kids together as well.
It took me a second to do the math.

Then I thought...WTF?

We chatted for a bit and then she went back to her life, and I to mine.
We didn't exchange numbers, or promise to "have lunch".
I think that in our convo, we both surmised that we didn't have much in common anymore.

But, I thought about her for a long while after.
Why would a grown woman who hooks up with a man who already has two kids, drop three more back to back?


Women are very competitive, but mostly with each other.
How else could she instantly make her relationship more immediately important, but to have three children back to more than his current family.
Is it evil of me to think that of her?

Now, there are five children in the equation.
I can't even begin to understand the complexities that come with navigating a relationship, stepparenting, and three children under four, combined.
I cannot be convinced that the two existing children are handling this well, and with no problems.
I mean, she couldn't have even got to know them before their first child entered the scene.

Sometimes women are just flat out fucking stupid.

Yes, yes...that's right...I'm a judgemental bitch.