Monday, February 06, 2006

Yuh face it pretty
But yuh character dirty
Gal, yuh just act too flirty flirty...

We're spoiled.

I know that this isn't news.

But, the other day I was sitting with some colleagues and one was talking about her vacation in a South American country, and how shocked she was by the conditions of life for the people of that country.
Then another told us a shocking story of how children are treated in another country...

Then I piped in with, "Life is cheap".

Conversation stopped and all stared at me.

I continued with, "In most countries, life is very cheap and easily lost. We're lucky here. We get give dogs birthday parties, and dress our pets up in silly costumes. Be pissed off when our Latte doesn't have enough whipped cream, and can buy soap.
Meanwhile, somewhere in the world there are children beating flies off what they picked out of a garbage dump to eat. People are being killed for a wrong word, or a pack of cigarettes."

Just call me, "Patty the Party Conversationalist".