Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday Click Around

The painting to your right is by Diana Pakkala aka "Mrs Mystic". She's having a showing with the previously mentioned artist Rob Croxford at Gallery "X" at 491 Church, March 6th to April 7th.

I don't generally read Live Journal blogs. I don't know why..I guess I mostly associate LJ with high school students, but then I found LJ Images which is a feed of the last 20 or so pictures that were posted on Live Journal. The pictures link back to the uploaders journal. It's a little addicting if you're like me and love to look at other peoples photos of other people, and the things that interest them. Pictures are often the things that keep me on a blog for longer than a few seconds.

This is Broken is a collection of things from around the world that are broken. People submit pictures of mistakes. I like the reader submission type blogs. Like Mirror Project or Windscreen Gallery.

Stereo Images is a site with lots of jiggly pictures. Kind of like those waterfalls that are lit in the back that you can buy at the flea market.

I'm not getting out of bed is a little gif that really imitates how I feel most mornings when I wake up. Then I remember that we have a mortgage and I force my ass out of bed.

Visual Recipes is right up my alley, and as you can see...I've put you onto the page with the recipes submitted by moi!

And last but not least...Pathetic Personals is just that...pathetic. Even the site has broken links. Pathetic. But the links that work are by slippery and suspect submitters who are looking for something...I'm not sure that it's love though.

That's it boycheks and girlikas