Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday Click-O-Round

Here are just a few interesting links I've looked at this week.
Gum Blondes which is art by Jason Kronenwald.
A Toronto artist whose art is done in chewed gum.
Yes. You read that right. Jason chews lots of gum and then sticks it on plywood to make portraits.
They're really pretty impressive once you get past the chewed gum thing.
Yesterdays Faces Today is a blog dedicated to taking movies, music, and TV shows and finding "then and now" pictures of the actors.

The Mockery Machine - Gothic Tards is a site dedicated finding pictures and crap about Goths. I have to say that "tard" is a good moniker for this. The funny thing about so many Goths is that they really seem to take themselves awfully seriously.
I find this really humourous.

Geeks Gone Wild is via Candygenius and is self-explanatory.

Back by personal obsession is Bombay TV.
C'mon people, make a movie for me...wouldja?

I'm not sure what Buddy Lee Guidance Counsellor is about. If you can figure it out, clue me.

And last, but not least...for the Oscar hooha, a little game called Name That Nominee