Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tales From the Driveway.

This morning while getting ready to leave for work, my neighbour Pardeep was getting out of his car with his youngest son Daniel.

Pardeep: "OY! Radmila! Will you let me make decisions for you?"
Me: "Huh?", and then realizing that he's got a message to get out to his son.
Me: "No, Pardeep"
Daniel is standing on the front stoop, holding the screen door and rolling his eyes.
Pardeep: "Can you make decisions for me?"
Me: "No. I have enough responsibilty, thank you."
Pardeep: "Looking forward to going to work today, nuh?"
Me: "Doesn't matter. I have to go"

Pardeep winks at me and laughs a satisfied laugh, and the screen door slams as Daniel makes his point.