Thursday, March 23, 2006

If I was your girlfriend...

Can you get all of your friends in a room and be confident that they'd all like each other?
Have you ever told someone, "Oh, you would looooove Mygirly McGirlfriend..." only to be disappointed when they don't get on?

Once, my girlfriend Donna described a woman to me that she told me I would love.
"You're so similar!"
"You'd get along perfectly!"
She was so hyped up to me, that I was looking forward to meeting her.
When we were finally introduced, girlfriend said, "Oh Radmila...Croatian right?", "No. Serb" said I.
Her face dropped as though I had said, "No. Turd", and then she composed herself and said, "Oh, it doesn't matter..", which of course said to me that it did.
To her.
She and I had some polite small talk until it felt ok to disengage without being rude, and we didn't speak again for the evening.
I felt sorry for my friend, who was totally convinced that we'd get on like a house on fire, and was disappointed.

Another time, I decided I would get a bunch of women I loved together to see an art exhibit, thinking that this was an excellent idea.
Six women I love, (albeit for different reasons) + beautiful art + lunch = a fantastic time, right?

I was surprised, but looking back...I shouldn't have been.
Out of the six women, only two hit it off and became friends outside of their relationships with me.
And believe me when I say that it wasn't the two that I thought it would be.

It just goes to show that every friend we have compliments a small side of ourselves that doesn't necessarily compliment another side...if you get my meaning.

And some of those sides are best kept to ourselves.