Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dee at Things that Bang posted about feeding ducks from her back terrace, and how she thought that she might have a hard time getting rid of them now.
I commented that Canadian geese tour around the lakeshore here in Toronto like gangs of thugs.
Because so many people feed them, many no longer bother to fly south for the winter and instead, they beg food from pedestrians in the winter and picnickers in the summer.
The last time I was down by the lake at Sunnyside, the shore was covered in goose shit, and the noise from the geese was ridiculous.
You can't unwrap a sandwich on a park bench without attracting swarms of thuglike geese demanding your lunch.

There are signs up telling people "DO NOT feed the geese" with a long environmental explanation, but people still do.
It's just wrong.
These geese shouldn't be so urbanized.
The other day I was down there, and I could have sworn I saw one smoking a butt while sucking on a Starbucks cup, and adjusting his iPod.

But, still...
when a mama goose crosses Lakeshore Boulevard with her chicks in a line behind her, and all the cars stop to let them kinda forgive them..