Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Click Around

I found this neat gif at b3ta Crap . There is a lot of silly stuff there.

Yesterdays post was one kind of contract.
Here is another kind. This guy wants to be your cat, and from his resume, he's really experienced in napping and lying around all day.

Group hug is another site full of strange and sometimes disgusting or scary confessions. A little addicting if you have nosey tendencies like I do.

I'm not a chocolate lover, but for those of you who are, Chocolate Club's Chocolate Recipes looks like it would be useful. Frankly, I might try a couple.
Today I'll be trying this recipe for Super Moist Cornbread. I'm trying to find a recipe to replace the good, but dry when it cools, Jamaican cornbread recipe I currently use.

For those of us who hate Toronto's Queen Street West hipster, here's a funny little clip that should make you laugh. I especially love how freaked he gets when he accidently hits Dundas West. LOL. What's even funnier are the morons who comment and argue about what part of the city is hippest. Maybe they should "battle" like "EglintionYoga pants wearing Jewish girls who hang out at Starbucks" against "Queen Street West Hipsters who hang out at The Drake" or "Yorkdale Rich Bitch" against "Parkdale Skank Crazy" or something like that.
Seriously, the comments are retarded (sorry, no one says "retarded" anymore...they're "mentally challenged").

Occasionally, I stop by Toronto Police Services Board website and check out Crimestoppers, because I'm just interested in that way. I also stop by The O.P.P. Bulletins site and check out the pictures of missing persons and Canada's Most Wanted. You just never know if you're in contact with someone wanted unless you know who they're looking for, and since I deal with a lot of people every just never know.

That's all for now...