Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Money, money changes everything
We think we know what we're doin'
That don't mean a thing
It's all in the past now
Money changes everything..."

A while ago Cynical-C linked to an article about 8 Lottery Winners who lost their millions.

I remember watching a documentary film a few years ago, that chronicled the fates of a number of lottery winners across the U.S.
There wasn't one happy story.
They all lost their money, and ended up worse off than before they won. It caused problems and hardship between family members and friends.
Perhaps it's because of the stories chosen, or maybe it's because poor people who are handed money do stupid shit with it.

Here are some stupid things that you can do with your money if you win the lottery:
-Give money to people hand over fist
-Fur line your bathroom
-Pimp your new hummer with lamborghini doors
-Dye your dog pink and buy her a Dior diamond necklace, and walk around the 'hood with her.
-Go to Las Vegas and blow it gambling.
-Go into a business that you know nothing about with your brother in law.
-Diamond stud your cell phone.
-Marry Britney Spears and start rapping!
-Spend 50 grand on rims for your car.
-Take a bath in Cristal.
-Buy a plane.
-Buy an island, and declare yourself King/Queen.
-Install solid gold toilet bowls in your house.
-Insist on having 18K gold flakes in every beverage you drink.
-Install a paid 30 person entourage to follow you around.
-Install canals and gondolas in your house instead of hallways.

Having money doesn't instantly give you sense.
Ask many people who were famous with millions, and had to file for bankruptcy.
Toni Braxton and MC Hammer come to mind, and they weren't even lottery winners.
You'd think they'd have organized themselves.

Money changes everything, indeed.