Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Click-Around

Here's a site that lets you make your own highway sign. Very similar to The Church Sign Generator.

Again with the music video links.
What can I say? I never get tired of them.

Last night I burned hours watching interviews, and videos of my favourite Serbian/Ex-YU singer Ceca.

In one interview where she sang the song "Kukavica" a capella.
Her voice, combined with the sad lyrics...listen...when she sang it, she gave me goosebumps
(you have to sit through some of the interview, untranslated, if you're at all interested).
I also found one of my favourite Ceca songs from the ninties, Pustite me da ga vidim.
I know that many North Americans find the style of Eastern singing amusing, but you have to have incredible range and control over your voice to do it.
This style of singing requires more talent, range and control over your voice than most popular north american singers could only dream of having.
Ok, this little section was probably interesting to only a few of my readers...and even though it's not cool, I love Ceca!

Anyhow, these two are Savoy Ballroom dancers Al and Leon. They're members of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers. (see Hellzapoppin 1941). Al and Leon dedicated their lives to jazz dance, here in 1959 on the Playboy TV show they demo the Charleston in the timeline history of American Dance. This video is really, really great!

Do you subscribe to sarcasm? I do. The Sarcasam Society celebrates the art of sarcasm. And in the same vein, here's The Shakespeare Insult Kit, to compliment what you learn.

I found 20 Questions amusing for one round. It correctly guessed; egglant as the vegetable that I was thinking about.

I found this cutting board scale interesting, and certainly useful, but I'm concerned about exactly what kind of chemical is in the board. As it is I'm carrying a cellphone that fucks with my monitor or phone line if its close by and is about to ring. The thought of exactly how much radio frequency is whizzing by our heads is enough for me, thanks.

Country music is funny.

And last but not least, Cynical-C posted a link to 23 of Penn & Teller's Bullshit Episodes.
They're really worth watching, and funny as hell too!

That's all for now, kids.