Monday, September 18, 2006

You Can't Keep a Good Man Down

I mean to tell you that even though I am a big cynic, there are certain things that rekindle the human spirit.

A few months ago, I mentioned Michael Zubiak in a post about Criminals, and how we really can't tell one just by looking at, or speaking to one.

Michael had a string of bad luck. He was unemployed for two years. He rented a billboard just before Christmas a few years ago saying "HIRE ME"... selling himself looking for work.
It didn't work for him.
When he got desperate, he put his wifes diamond ring up for sale in a local paper. Two thugs showed up on the premise that they were interested in the ring...they beat Michael and his wife within an inch of their lives in a home invasion.

Michael has since recovered, and over the weekend contacted me to thank me for mentioning him on my blog, and listening to him on the radio (it was what prompted my little entry). We corresponded a bit via e-mail, and Michael told me that he is now running for City Council in Ward 30.
He said that he was inspired by the lack of concern of his Ward Councillor Paula Fletcher when he contacted her regarding help with his situation.
Michael wasn't just facing unemployment, and recovery from a bad beating (in Ms Fletcher's ward), his wife is also suffers from a debilitating bone disease. She's had two neurosurgeries, and cervical cancer, which she beat -- but now suffers from a benign pituitary tumour.

Michael was told by his councillor's office that: "Ms. Fletcher does not care to get involved, in a personal matter".
The very least Ms. Fletcher could have done is contact him with condolences, no?
I mean, it happened in her ward!

Michael was shocked..."Since when is crime personal? Anyone who asks for help should be pointed in some direction", said Michael.

He points out that this city has some great, caring people, and he's doing much better now.

So now, he's running.

Wouldn't you like a Councillor in your ward who has a personal stake in it's safety?
Someone who knows what it's like to overcome adversity?

I would.

Go, Michael, GO!