Sunday, September 24, 2006

SunDAy ClIcK AroUnD

So, when I found this page on Artist Peter Callesen's site, I couldn't figure out what exactly the point of the crack in the frame was...until I saw a close up of what was at the bottom of the frame. It's an interesting art form, and some of it is quite beautiful.

Here's the Sistine Chapel ceiling in full view. Not like being there...but as close as some of us are going to get.

Here's a link to a country & western song about a guys wife. Some country & western songs are hilarious...

I had Hebrew crunk here yesterday.
Now here's some Christian Crunk.

I've seen these soothers advertised, I've yet to see one in a real live kids mouth. I think they're hilarious!

I've posted the link to Movie Mistakes before, but it seems that they've started linking some of their mistakes and bloopers to YouTube. Which is pretty cool since you can see what they're talking about immediately.

One of my favourite Sesame Street characters was The Swedish Chef.
Here's a link to many of his little appearances on the street.

And last, but not least...YouTube is finally getting some classic Etta James posted to the site, instead of just bad singers covering "At Last", someone called InnerCalm has quite a nice little collection of classic soul and R&B videos.

Here's Etta in the '60's singing "Somethings got a hold on me".
Two observations: I didn't care for this mediterranean/slav "I have to be blonde" look that Etta was rockin' back in this period of her career, and did women really abuse black eyeliner like that in the '60's?
Never mind, Etta's the best!