Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Two Sleeps After Sunday Click-Around - Back to School Edition

So, while being away for a couple of days, and not being online to feed my YouTube, blogging habit, today was spent..eherm...catching up.
I found this hilarious Photobooth prank.
It's a must see.

Then, I had a 10 minute relationship with Pjotro. He loves music, he loves dancing...and he loves engineering.
What a combo!
Pjotro and I went dancing, and you can watch it here.
The intro is priceless!

The CBC has put up some freaky deaky website, called 120seconds.com. I think it's supposed to attract a younger audience, because there are some parts that have people saying "cum" and other words that are not CBC-ish.

While we're on the whole "Not CBC-ish" thing, take The XXX Which Chick has a Dick Test.
It's definitely not for everyone, and NSFW.
I scored 22 out of 41, which means that M.A.C. cosmetics is doing a fine job, indeed.
If you take the test, tell me what you scored.

Do you wish you could put words in Bush's mouth?
Here's your chance. It's an interactive game where you can choose what you'd like to hear Bush say in one of his long winded speeches.

I think I'm done for now...