Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cellphone Tales

I've had the same cellphone number for a very long time.
But, that doesn't change the fact that I still get wrong numbers from time to time.

Some of them have been pretty funny.
Like the time I was in a grocery store and my phone rang.
I answered, and the person said in Serbian:

"Pa, gde si? Vec te nema 3 stata"
(Where are you? You've been gone for 3 hours!)

I was confused for a second, for obvious reasons...when he realized he had the wrong number, we both laughed and hung up.

Another time, I got a text from someone named "Richie".
The text was a long message about how we met last night and that he couldn't "get over" me. That he was at the airport and to please call him...pleasepleaseplease.

Just for fun, I texted that I was married and not the cheatin' kind.

He texted back that he figured that was the case, but that I should still call him.

I called to put him out of his misery...I left a message telling him that he had the wrong number...that I wasn't the person he was looking for.

He called back and left a long message telling me that I didn't have to pretend, it was ok...he was boarding a plane to Vancouver and just wanted one last conversation before he left.

I shook my head...

Then, my phone rang again and it was him....talking to me for a few seconds helped him to realize that I wasn't Anastasia or Annabella...or whatever her name was.
...and we both laughed. He was one number off.

Have you ever had a strange wrong number on your cell?