Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Click Around

The picture is from Dark Roasted Blends Collection of Chicks and Cars. Some great shots there...and while we're on Chicks in adverts, here are some old magazine ads that show you how far women have actually come in a relatively short time.
Let's face it, a hundred and fifty years ago, you could buy a wife...ok you can still buy a wife...never mind.

Since we're talking about politically incorrect things...last night I happened to catch the movie Blazing Saddles for the hundredth time. I was really, really pissed to realize that it had been edited. Entire sentences were removed....entire screamingly funny sentences!
Here is Madeline Khan's (Lilly VanShtup) performance of "I'm Tired" from the movie.

It got me thinking about all the old politically incorrect but hilarious movies, of which Blazing Saddles is one of the classics. Here is someone's list of politically incorrect movies.
While looking at that list, I was reminded of a scene in the movie Airplane.
A little while ago, a friend sent me an email with "You, as a little girl" in the subject line. This video was attached. Laugh? Yes, I did.

Last night I also saw a commercial featuring Cuba Gooding Jr. He makes me sad.
What happened to him? He had such promise.
He was making good choices in films...and then all of a sudden, he committed suicide, careerwise. Now, when I see him in anything that he made after "As Good as it Gets" (and that role wasn't great...just not horrific), I cringe.
Here's someone's open letter to Cuba Gooding Jr.

Ever wonder what Joe Piscopo looks like now?
Did you think that he would end up looking like the President of the Liza Minelli Fan Club?

Celebrity forclosures. Yeah, I had to look.

I know this child is way overweight for his 8 months...but holy crap! He's friggin' adorable! I could just squeeze him.

Skarabej is a website dedicated to old photos of the Eastern European sort. A pretty fascinating collection of photos. This photo reminded me of the people who lived across the street from my grandparents. They had the funeral coach in their yard. The top of which could always be seen above the Kapija. It was a thing of curiousity for me as a child.

After posting GGM's Indian Santa the other day...I went on a GGM search to find some of my favourites to post today.

Here they are:

The Queen is Indian.
Dance Like the Vind.
Very Bad.
Arranged Shag.
The 3 Wise Men were Indian.
English Wife.

Ok...that's just about all.