Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Click Around

I've linked to The Pioneers of Striptease before, but it's worth linking to again. You know who's missing from that list? Chesty Morgan. I met her once, She had some great stories...all told in a Polish accent.

While we're on Strippers, what would be next other than Pin Ups?
Here is the art of Gil Elvgren, and Edward well as some girlie postcards.

Christopher Huet, Professional retouch artist...the photos are pretty fantastic.

How to walk like a runway know, in case you're asked to stand in during Fashion Week.

Speaking of models, Heather Kuzmich was a contender for "America's Next Top Model", and I read that she got pretty far...I've never seen an entire episode, because...well, I don't care...but had I known that Heather had Asperger's, I totally would have watched, until she was voted off.

This church compilation made me laugh.

I have a girlfriend who has a potty mouth. When I say that, I mean that all of her conversation is peppered with the "F" word...and you know when they say that cuss words are filler for people who don't have a good vocabulary? That's not, why she swears so much is a mystery. That's why I thought this guy's vlog was funny.

I love the art of Gustav Klimt, and here's a lovely website about his life and work....and a very expensive sea house in Ibiza that is for sale, called Klimt House.

Cats just talkin' on the phone.

Celebrity Face Lift is a site where you can do your own pretend plastic surgery.
While we're talking about plastic surgery, it's hard to believe that anyone would enter a contest to be Miss Ugly get plastic surgery....but then, we did have The Swan.

Here are some of the most dangerous roads in the world.

Here is someones opinion of the worst songs of 2007. Frankly, I didn't even notice most of them over the year.

I've linked to this before, but this kid has resurfaced recently: The Evil Eye.

If any of you remember I posted links to Catherine Tate in a previous click around, I can't find the Tempura skit...but I did find a newer one about Shitake Mushrooms.

Life in Drag, Special Poetry Slam...if you look on the sidebar, you can find many other recitals of poetry from The Special Poetry Slam.

Pizdaus, the pictures we like. For anyone who speaks Serbo-Croatian, the name "Pizdaus" is giggle inducing.

CBC News Sunday just did a short little expose on the Freedom Rider's Reunion.
For those of us who grew up in the urban north after The Civil Rights Movement, we don't really appreciate what people went through to secure those civil rights.
The idea that in many places, it would have been illegal for The Mister and me to marry...a mere 40 years ago, is hard to even imagine.
The fact that many of The Freedom Riders are still alive says it all.
Here are a few profiles of some of them.
Here is what comes up on Google Images when you type in The Freedom Riders.
God bless every single last one of them.

That's all.