Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gilson Lubin

So, the other day, I linked to the above video of Toronto Comedian Gilson Lubin.
I thought his set on Comedy Now was so funny, that I wanted to see him live.
I went to his website, and found that the section giving us tour dates was out of date.

I used the "Contact" e-mail to inquire.

I was expecting some computer generated, cut and paste, auto-reply...with the obligatory "please do not reply to this e-mail" type thing.
To my surprise...Gilson himself replied.....and not just once.

Here are his upcoming appearances:

Dec 9th - Toronto
(Diesel Playhouse,
56 Blue Jay Way) - 416 971 5656
Dec 13th - 15th Montreal (Comedy Works on Bishop south of St. Catherines)
Dec 21st - Halifax (Gingers)

Now, I've got to see him live...what a mensch!