Thursday, April 24, 2008

On having a "black" name:

"My blog name is my grandmother's name, Daisy. My real name is one that would identify me very easily, so I don't use it. But I recently realized that something is missing in my online identity. While reading about The Carnival of Allies (proposed by The Angry Black Woman), I noted that I have never had to pointedly present myself as an ally to black people (not every minority; I specifically refer to black people) because they have usually assumed that I am.

They assume so, I figure, because I have a black name."

It's a really interesting blog post, with some very good examples of incidents of a racist nature that she's had to deal with.

...and then MetaFilter picked it up...and I have to say that some of the comments made me laugh.
What kills me is that some white people still seem shocked that others have reacted in racist ways. I's almost as though they're denying that this sort of "in your face" racism still exists.

I find that sad, and peculiar at the same time.