Monday, April 21, 2008

“People tend to think that they are blogging for a small group of friends or that they are anonymous,” she said. But that is not really the case, she said, because “all it takes is one friend posting a link to your blog to out you.”

I love reading intensely personal blogs.
I really do...and I often wonder if they pay for their indiscretions if they're found out.

I know through personal experience that there are less than 6 degrees of separation.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a cute little entry about a conversation I had.
About a year ago, a family member contacted me to ask me what the hell I wrote about to piss a girl I've never even met off.
I didn't use names...but, she recognized her family in the entry and tore a strip off my family member.
It was then, for the first time that I really penetrated how far reaching my blog was.
I took the post down (even though I didn't feel that it was a terrible depiction, or even made the people in it identifiable)...however, I was concerned about how it would impact the members of my family, and their relationship with the family of this upset girl.
If it weren't for them, I would have told the girl to piss off.

Instead, I offered to speak to her, and apologize.

The stupidity of someone being angry with anyone other than me about it seemed colossal, but telling this girl I've never met would probably have only made her more angry.

I was certainly more candid in my entries years ago...and even now, I cringe when I see that someone has spent hours going through my archives...more so when they're from the Toronto area.

Certainly having a blog is a bigger responsibility than most of us care to really think about.

(Watch me get another angry forwarded e-mail)