Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Teens Film Themselves Beating 16 Year Old Girl


A battered and bruised Victoria Lindsay will not be returning to public school following an incident in which six other girls have been accused of videotaping a beating of the 16-year-old Mulberry High cheerleader.

While a week has passed since the pummeling, Lindsay is still recovering from a concussion and has not fully regained her hearing and vision on her left side.

But as swelling subsides, doctors hope those will return, her parents said Monday.

“When I saw my daughter in the emergency room, I didn’t recognize my own daughter,” said Patrick Lindsay, Victoria’s father.

Almost immediately, he handed her a pen and paper to write down the names of who was responsible and how it all happened to give to police.

“She was in fear for her life,” he said. “She thought she was going to die.”

Polk Sheriff Grady Judd said Monday the argument between the teens erupted from “trash talking” on MySpace and through text messaging.

The Sheriff’s Office declined to elaborate on what specifically was said, citing its ongoing investigation.