Monday, April 21, 2008

TTC Avoids a Strike.

Smart move...the public is dead sick of the shenanigans of the TTC Union and I believe that they're about two strikes away from the public demanding that the TTC be deemed an essential service.

I've noticed that since that wildcat strike that really pissed even the most reasonable Torontonian off and made people unsympathetic to the TTC Union, they've managed to avoid going on strike.

Well done.

Keep pushing the riding public over a barrel and eventually find yourself with job cuts while those who can afford it drive to work, or unable to strike because you're an essential service.

Frankly, I'd like to see the TTC eaten up by surrounding transit systems in order to make some sort of amalgamated system that actually serves the GTA.
For all the yak about the environment, there is still no move to make the GTA transit systems financially viable for commuters. One days travel in and out of this city shouldn't cost a quarter tank of gas.

Oh, if we weren't so provincial in our thinking....what things we could achieve.