Sunday, May 17, 2009

Beautiful People

A couple of years ago, I linked to Vice Magazine's article about a "networking" community that only allows you into their membership if you're "beautiful".

The article was kind of funny, and makes the members who were featured look a little pathetic, and shallow. The comments are outstanding...and I got a big kick out of how this community was portrayed, and made fun of by the vice community.

I ran accross it again today, and found out through this article that Slice has done a series of reality show episodes:

"Each episode delves into the world of the vain, the egotistical, and the self-obsessed. New applicants are allowed in only if they pass the beauty test. We join them on dates---will they think their date is as beautiful as they are or will they be sadly disappointed?---go to Beautiful People events, and meet the ones desperate to get into this exclusively gorgeous club. Each week we follow those who have tried (and tried again) to get membership---but keep failing."

...and then, I realized that these episodes are actually available online!

Scroll down for some shallow and vapid goodness.

Because it's entertaining to watch people who think they're more beautiful than the rest of the population go about their empty headed business of looking for other empty headed people to build some sort of facade of what they think others wish they had.

It's amusing to me.