Friday, May 22, 2009

War of Pretension Finally Over.

"Beach Hardware," the sign says. "Your One Stop Beaches BBQ Shop."

The singular vs. plural debate was supposed to end three years ago, when residents voted 58 per cent in favour of "The Beach" as the neighbourhood's official name and marketing brand.

The follow-up came yesterday, when Councillor Sandra Bussin unveiled the first street sign to carry the designation.

"The Beach" says the sign, decorated by three seagulls in flight and a wavy blue stripe, above the street name "Queen St. E."


Being a west ender, I find this petty, picayune, piddling about whether it's "the beach" or "the beaches" really the business of people who have little else to worry about over their Fair Trade Organic Roast, and Hoxton Tandem Strollers.

Being the west ender that I am, I'll still call it the beaches because there's more than one beach..duh.