Friday, May 15, 2009

Today as I drove up Dufferin, just a little north of the Dufferin Gates I looked at Sweet Daddy Siki's house.

I always do, and I wonder whether he still lives there.

I'm not old enough to remember him wrestling, but I am old enough to know he was a legend in Parkdale.
I remember often seeing him sitting on his porch, or mowing his lawn when I was a little kid.

I never spoke to him or anything, and I didn't know his kids...but, whenever I pass his house, I always wonder if he still lives there.

Here's a recent article on him in Eye Weekly

Turns out that he probably still lives there. I can read between the lines.
Because if he still lives in the house he bought in ''s the same house...and it's not on Jameson Ave or Beaconsfield.
The one I drive by often...

Here's a video clip from the very beginning of his career, it looks like.