Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Good health is tied to economics, and where you live.

No shit?
People feel shittier about their circumstances and health when they live in neighbourhoods that are run down and crime infested?
No. kidding.

How do I get in on this "study" scam?
Studies that we the taxpayers fund.

Next on the Rip Off the Taxpayer study agenda:

~Why do inmates try to escape prison?
~Can fish get drunk?
~At what rate do oversize jeans slide down your bum?
~Can McDonalds 7 times a week make you obese?
~Is the colour sky blue, actually "aqua"?
~Chocolate or Cheese Fondue preferences of Factory Workers.
~Are there more male or female hairdressers?
~Is crack addictive?
~Girls who wrestle in their underpants, and wet they do it for the money?

Oh, I could go on and on....