Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Junk in the Trunk.

Because I work in a dodgy neighbourhood, and I usually park on the street rather than the school parking lot, and because of my experiences with that, the interior of my car is emptier than a bag of Hershey's Kisses at a Weight Watchers Convention.

My trunk however, is a completely different story.
I have CD's, scissors, sunglasses, Tire Pressure Gauge, Armour All wipes, glass wipes, a couple of shammies, my gym bag, battery operated scraper, window washer fluid, umbrella, and many other things I may need at any given time sitting in my trunk.

Need jumper cables? washer fluid? a shammy? Armour All? Etta James CD's? A 6 pack of V8 (I kid you not)?

The Mister has been known to shop out of my trunk.
I don't mind, until I need something I thought was still in there. The other day while on a search for an umbrella that was not there...even though I was sure it was...I decided to take a survey.
I asked every male that I happened upon that day whether or not they shopped out of their wifes/girlfriends trunk.

Every single last one of them said that they did.

Que'l surprise!