Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Click Around.

So, as is typical with me, I start to look for one thing...and end up finding a load of others that are equally fascinating. Much like my fascination with Harems and Eunuchs and dipictions of them in art . (Here's another link to artists who specialized in Orientalist paintings), I've also been captivated by Geishas... Here's a link to Immortal Geisha, which is where I found the cool vintage photos of Gieshas.
Also, here is a link to Japanese textile art. The Kimono is so beautiful... The History of Kabuki Theatre and Kabuki Make Up tips.

Here's a link to a site with Impressionist Paintings painted from photos. Also, this Russian site with famous paintings recreated in photographs.
I think I found both of these sites at Cynical-C.

I found this interactive game/story and it reminded me a tiny bit of a game I was addicted to in the 90's. It was an interactive mystery, and each choice that you made led you somewhere else as you tried to solve the mystery set in Paris. The name of the game escapes me right now, my memory isn't what it used to be. It was a great game with excellent characters.
This Hotel one....not so much.

If you're not hyper sensitive about religion, then you'll love this series of YouTube Jesus Parodies I found.
I love the voice on Jesus.
He sounds like Truman Capote.
This series is a riot. You should go watch all of them.
If you're super offended by anything that depicts Jesus as a normal human being, then don't bother.
You'll just be offended.
Here's another, just for good measure.

Here's a site that lists Aptronyms. An aptronym is name that inadvertently describes its bearer's occupation. My favourite one listed is: Sue Yoo, Attorney at Law.

Celebrity Look-Alikes is a site where people post of photos of themselves or the friends they think look like someone famous, and you vote on whether they actually do or not.

Speaking of celebrities, I watched some trash show hosted by Robin Leach last night that had me gripped in a shallow, quidnunc trance about Hollywood Sugar Mamas.
They named names and showed clips of how these trophy boys lavishly spent their wives money.
Just a few named were Britney (duh), Star Jones (duh), Elton John, Athena Onassis (Is she already old enough to get married? That guy hit the jackpot)...and many more that I fell asleep before seeing.
Now, I can't even remember the name of the show...anyhow, that's all for now....