Saturday, December 23, 2006

At Slava the other night I was talking to family friends Rob and Tanja.
Rob talked about how his mother saves everything for "samtink spessiyal".

He relayed this ridiculous example to make his point.
He said that three years ago, he bought his mother nice house slippers. He said that the slippers were expensive, so it irritated him that she hadn't worn them.
Hasn't worn them yet...three years later.

When he asked her why she doesn't wear them, she replied that she was "Sayvink dem".
"For what?" asked Rob.
"For ven I go to da hospital"
"What? Is there something I don't know? Are you sick?"
"No. Bah van dey...I gonna get seck, an I gonna hev to go to da den I gonna vyer dem"

What can you do but roll your eyes and walk away?
The effects of war trickles down through the generations.