Thursday, December 07, 2006

of the
Poor & Landed.

Last week I wrote this post about how my mother used to stage photo layouts to send home to family so that they would know that we weren't starving over here in Canada.

I promised that I would search for some of the photos to post here. Well, I'll tell you that it's no easy feat since I don't organize photos and searching through dusty boxes makes me realize that I really should take some time to organize some of these gems. To your left is Mama. I think she was about 28 there. Notice the bling? That photo was not for sending home...she's smoking.

But this photo of Mama pouring coffee for Uja was for sending home.
Check out Uja.
I love the smoov pose.
Uja in the driveway with some buddy with his car was for sending home....and so was this sad photo of the three of us in the living room with empty cups taken from the kitchen to the living room...part of the same session.
I haven't been able to find most of the photos I was referring to. I'm still searching for the photo of most of our family who was in Canada...(just before Uja came) sitting around in the living room of my fathers sisters house. I'm on the phone in that photo...who could a eight year old be chatting on the phone with? No one...because I was on the phone for the photo...see?
See family back home..... we have a phone too!!!!

I'm still I find them, I'll post them.