Friday, December 29, 2006

Say it Loud. I'm Cold & I'm Proud...

It's official.

If you remember this guy giving out free hugs on YouTube a few months ago... it was a "feel good" little video.
Well, recently according to The Torontoist, some UBC students tried it out here in Toronto, and didn't go so well.

Apparently, Vancouverites are more open to free hugs than we are.
No shit?
Are you surprised?
I'm not.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Anna sent me an e-mail with some "Pay it Forward" type articles that were really sweet. This one about a Starbucks drive thru in Bloomington, Illinois where one woman started a pay it backward goodwill gesture that began at 9:20am and lasted until 12.57pm with each patron paying for the next patrons order.

I found that interesting and inspiring.
I asked The Mister how long he thought that would last at a Toronto Timmy's.
He said, "about 30 seconds".
I thought I'd challenge him, and decided I'd try it out myself.

This morning I was in line at Tim Hortons and this is how it went:

I paid for my coffee and while the server was getting it, the other server asked the guy behind me what he wanted. He ordered a couple of coffees and a couple of bagels.
I went to pay for my order and I said, "and his order is on me too".
I turned to him and said, "Happy New Year".
"No thanks".
I had already paid for it, and the server looked alarmed.
I said, "Ok then, just pay for the person's order behind you..."
"No." asshole says.
The server looks at me and blinks.
"Well, I don't care what you figure it out from here. Happy New Year." and I walked away.

Toronto is warm and fuzzy.

The Mister wins.
It was about 30 seconds.
The cynic in me lives on.