Thursday, May 01, 2008

How could she not know?

Apparently, the wife of the Austrian who holed his daughter up for 24 years and had 7 kids with her..."had no idea" what her husband was up to.

Sarah Hampson of the Globe & Mail writes an interesting article about cognitive dissonance (although she doesn't actually call it that in the article) in marriage.

She writes:

"Tradition dictates that the bride sails down the aisle on the arm of her father, with a veil covering her face. At the altar, once the vows have been exchanged and the couple have been declared married, the groom lifts the veil to kiss her. Then, the newlyweds parade in front of the congregation, who can clearly see their beaming faces.

It should be the reverse. The bride should wear the veil after she has become a wife. Once a couple are married, it becomes paramount for the participants to believe that everything is fine, really, just fine, thank you."

It's a very interesting article mostly about how women process their preferred information...although I know that plenty of men practice it as well.