Friday, May 02, 2008

I generally don't blog about work...but...

A woman just called me to tell me that her daughter did her practicum with us in December and she forgot to get her time sheet for University...and could I send it to her.

Firstly...we have about 20 students a semester that come through here...and her time sheet is her own responsibility...
Secondly, why the fuck is a 20 year old having her mother call for something she should be taking responsibility for herself?

I said:
"The time sheet was her responsibility, and frankly, so is this inquiry.
Please have your daughter call me at her earliest convenience"

Mom: "But, she's in school"

Me: "Aren't you at work?"

Mom: "I'll have her call you"


Radmila; helping your future employees grow up.
One helicopter parent at a time.