Friday, May 23, 2008

This 'n That

"Good Samaritan scolded after buying a homeless, pregnant woman food – then leaving her to eat it"

What's up with the media these days?

Plenty of restaurants don't allow people who have created a problem for them in the past back into their restaurants...mind you, they shouldn't have agreed to sell her the food if they weren't going to let her eat it there...but, still...I've seen many a homeless person in Timmy's so this is missing a chunk of story.

I heard the investment manager who bought the woman breakfast interviewed on talk radio this morning. I only have one thing to's easy to be superior about helping the mentally ill homeless from your desk at the bank, and then judge the $8 an hour staff whom YOU left to deal with her in the restaurant...but, they told you she couldn't stay in the restaurant to eat it.
That she had created problems for them in the past.

I'll bet 10 homeless breakfasts that Ms Investment Banker doesn't want a mentally ill homeless lady sitting across her desk at the bank eating that breakfast.
Why should others have to tolerate it so that she can feel good about herself?
What's a breakfast cost a Timmy's anyway?
$5.00 tops.
That's a cheap price to pay to get on the news and look like a self-righteous humanitarian.
This wouldn't even be news if it wasn't for Timbit woman from a couple of weeks ago.
I think the real issue here is there is a pregnant homeless woman walking around.
...and that's not Timmy's problem...that's ours, as a society.

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Another redundant study; courtesy of your taxpayers dollars.

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