Thursday, May 15, 2008

"TORONTO - The case of a Tim Hortons worker in Toronto fired almost nine years ago for allegedly stealing a toonie was put over again Wednesday as lawyers for the defendant lamented that the former employee's "frivolous" lawsuit continues to waste time and money.

Charlene Walsh, who was seven months pregnant at the time, and Amanda MacNeil were fired in June 1999 after store managers viewed surveillance video and alleged the workers were seen taking money from a cash register.

Even though the allegation centred around pocketing a $2 coin, Walsh was quickly charged by police with theft under $5,000.

Her lawyer Ernest Guiste said police had enjoyed free food and drinks from the store for years, so they were happy to do the owner a favour by arresting Walsh."


So, they dug this shit up in the media because of timbit chick from last week?
Charlene Walsh was pregnant at the time.
Pregnant women and single moms should be allowed to steal money, and food from Timmy's, right?

Somebody pleeeze think about the children!

She's suing the franchisee for 23 million!

Too bad the human rights commission doesn't accept cases based on extortion by whacked out logic...oh wait, they DO!

How about that guy who sued a Burlington restaurant owner because he wouldn't let him smoke his medicinal marijuana at the front door of the family eatery?

Apparently, even Steve Gibson's (the smoker) wife won't let him smoke it in his home because they have small children...but, Steve thinks that he shouldn't have to walk the 20 feet from the door that the owner asked him smoke his pot.

Yeah, the commission accepted that case.

Makes you want to own a business, no?