Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Maybe I'm paranoid, because let's face's in my blood.

But, when the US criticizes Russia over the Georgia-Abkhazia dispute, with quotes from
White House press secretary Dana Perino like:

"Moscow must "de-escalate and reverse its measures," begin playing a true mediator role in the dispute and reiterate its commitment to Georgia's "territorial integrity and sovereignty.""

As the U.S. continues to push it's nose into Eastern business encouraging the independence of small countries whose culture and history is virtually unknown to the average American...encouraging independence that would never be tolerated in the same form in the U.S. of A.

Methinks that attempting to surround Russia and continuously poking the bear is decidedly scaring me a little bit.

Eventually, even the biggest bully in the schoolyard gets stepped up to.
I fear where the US is taking us...and I only hope for a change in leadership before the ant farm explodes in our little ant faces.