Friday, April 07, 2006

Can We Tawk?

You're my good friend.
I feel like I can tell you anything....and I have told you so many secrets about my life and past.
I figure I can tell you a couple more...right?

I hate telethons, radiothons, any of those thons where things are pre-empted for incessant begging for a cause.

I know. I know.

They're necessary to raise money for all kinds of important causes.
But, I hate them anyway.
I hate children with disabilities being paraded out on display, and being required to "tug on America's heartstrings" as though life isn't hard enough.

I know.

How horrible of me to change the channel as soon as I see Jerry, a bunch of people in the background with phones, or sparkley curtains.
I donate to charity. I don't need a telethon to do it. I realize that it works, I just don't like 'em. Telethons I mean.

The other thing is that... I'm really starting to hate pedestrians.
I know!
Being that I'm a pedestrian on occasion it's... well...a little hypocritical.
But, here's the thing...I'm not a fucking idiot who steps off a curb without looking, or jumps out from in front of a bus to jaywalk the 50km speed limit street expecting drivers to just sense that I'm there.
I don't drag my stroller and toddler out to cross a busy street, and then stand on the yellow line that separates lanes and look scared, as though I didn't realize what I was doing when people can't stop to let me cross.
I can't be absolutely certain...but I think that's why there are fucking streetlights and crosswalks on every second corner.

That's all for now my little boycheks and girlikas...