Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Click Around

Gallery Yin is the website of Lui Liu, a Toronto Artist. His art is interesting.
The "Yin" section is not safe for work.

If you're bored and have absolutely nothing to do, try Telephone Songs.
Play songs using the keypad on your phone.
There aren't many songs to choose from, so I'm assuming that the guy who put this site together got a job, or works for the government.

Speaking of phones, for those of you who are really pissed off that large companies have outsourced their call centres to far away places, here's a little movie for you.
I was surfing around last night and found T.O. Crime, a blog keeping track of crime in Toronto, with commentary.

I'm not a big fan of graffiti.
Maybe it's because I'm not 18 anymore, or maybe it's because I own property now and would be hella pissed off if some little yob spray painted all over a side wall of my business.
But mostly I don't like it because most graffiti artists are just taggers. They are not talented, just stupid enough to climb bridges and put themselves in the line of oncoming trains to put their tag in an awkward hard to reach place, in hopes that some other tagger can't reach it to spray paint over it. This short film is about graffiti artists, and I'll be honest...I didn't watch the whole thing. Most of what I saw was crap. But these guys really think that they're artists and that it's some sort of "movement". Whatever.

For those of you who took Home Economics in the 1970's and 1980's, this should give you a blast from the past

xoxo ++ c 7 11 23 is some sort of project, I'm not sure what..something to do with happiness... but I really like the sign language alphabet with matchbooks you'll see if you scroll down the main page. Very cool.

And last but not least: Naomi Campbell's newspaper ad via Best Week Ever Blog