Wednesday, April 12, 2006

No Man's Land

This morning on the way in to work, the topic on talk radio was the case of Israeli Canadian, Dan Drori.
Apparently, countries that are in dispute over land are left with just the city of birth on passports.
With borders in certain parts of the world constantly changing, I guess this is a way to kind of...I don't know...keep up diplomatically or something.

Recently, I went to get my passport renewed and was pointedly told that it would say "Serbia Montenegro", and was that "ok" with me?
I laughed when she said it, because what did that mean?
Could I say, "No,'s not ok with me...I would like it to say Paris, France, it's so pretty there" or should I say, "No, actually...I'm ashamed of being Serbian, can you leave that out?"


Anyway, when my passport showed up, my place of birth came up as Novi Sad.
No country.
Does that mean that the land is in dispute still?
It's the Balkans.
It's possible.

In a way, I would like it to still say Yugoslavia, because that's the era I was born in, the time in that area of the worlds' life.

Weigh in on this for me.
Is it important?
I know that for some cultures, this kind of thing is worth blowing people up in cafes and underground for.
I'm just not sure where I am with this.