Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday Click Around

Colors is a really interesting online photography magazine. Each issue is a different subject with photographs and commentary from both the photographer and sometimes the subject. I love photos of people and lifestyles. If you're like me, you can burn hours looking through the archives.

If you've got more time to kill, check out Dancin' Doughboy where you can choreograph dance moves for the Pillsbury Doughboy. Here's mine

Here are two recipes that I'll be trying. Mango Cheesecake, but I'll be substituting pineapple, and Homemade Marshmellows. Not even that I really like marshmellows...I just want to know if I can do know, that the recipe works.

Husband on Strike is the blog of a frustrated and shut out husband/new dad. I wonder how making a whole website dedicated to how your wife is ignoring and depriving you is working out for him in the "gettin' some lovin'" department.

Recently, I googled an old, old friend, and found many little bios about her. Angela MacKenzie and I reconnected when I sent her an e-mail through her site and it's good to know that she's doing so well. In the Indie911 bio it says: "insistent on wearing jeans, sneakers, and T-shirts..."
When I knew her, and we were hangin' out, we doubled our wardrobe because the two of us had similar fashion weaknesses and we were the same size. The thought of Angela in T-shirts and jeans all the time literally makes me laugh out loud.
Unless she has morphed into a completely different being...and from the pictures I see on her site, she hasn't.
I'm totally proud of her. You should check her out.

You can file this in the stupid waste of space art section. I guess those little cherubs pissing in fountains, and those little jokeshop statues aren't enough.
Is pissing that much of an anomaly that we need to pay tribute to the act in the form of art? And when I say "art", I would say it with two tongues in my cheek if I had an extra.
I'm resisting saying "Piss on it"...oops, I think I just did.

Museum of Depressionist Art Is amusing to me.
How can you not find treasures like "Last Supper on Toast" and "Buddhist Monk Misses Nirvana Due To Cell Phone Interruption" irresistible?
Check it out.
It's not depressing at all...

That's all.