Friday, April 28, 2006

Oprah Knows Everything...

I'll start off by saying that I actually like Oprah. I think that she's come up with some really positive organizations, ideas and programs. I think that when she switched over from Jerry Springerland daytime talk show format to a more organic/positive/self-help kind of show, she helped a lot of people focus their lives.

See, for me...that's the scary part.
There are so many people who see Oprah as some sort of a demi-God, rather than the wealthy, ambitious woman that she is...and I think at times, Oprah sees herself that way too. The whole beef industry thing, the lashing of James Frey, are just two examples. I know that I might piss off the Oprah/Dr. Laura/Dr. Phil disciples with what I have to say....but, whatever.

It irritates me that so many people let Oprah do their thinking for them. I've noticed that many people depend on her for an opinion, and that's just frightening.

Yesterday Mystic got me thinking about Oprah.
During an interview with Charlize Theron:

"There's no such thing as luck," Oprah tells Charlize. "There's only preparation meeting the moment of opportunity. … If you weren't prepared when the opportunity showed up, nothing would have happened."

This is only partially true, because luck and chance is part of what brings that "meeting of the moment of opportunity" that you've been preparing for in the first place.
I found this statement by Oprah incredibly arrogant.
One thing that I've noticed is that the wealthier you are, the more that "luck" and "opportunity" presents itself.
So, Oprah can afford to talk.

We all know people who have to work twice as hard to get half as much...what's wrong with them, Oprah? Are they just not siezing their opportunities? Or are opportunities just not presenting themselves because these people are just not in the right place at the right time with the right people? How do you get with the right do you get the chance to meet them?

What about those people who seem to have a horseshoe up their ass?
The people who do fuck all and seem to have opportunities fall into their laps.
Jobs, windfalls...the people who make bad decisions and always seem to land on their feet? What about them? Are they trying harder? Or are they lucky? Do they "sieze the opportunity" to take advantage of others?

I think that Oprah's so lucky that she can afford to believe that there is no such thing as luck.