Friday, June 16, 2006

Pay Attention, Radmila!

So, The Mister and me went to dinner at The Louisiana Bar & Grill in Mississauga tonight. It's connected to a strip mall, and while we were parking, I noticed a large group of African people. Ladies in traditional African dress and men, all standing around.
I said, "Oh, I didn't know that Mississauga had such a large African community"...
The Mister said, "Yeah, especially when they're all standing in front of Ghanaman Tropical Foods".


So, we had a great dinner at Louisiana B&G, and the service was friendly and good.
The Mister and me were just having an after dinner chat, when a young frustrated busboy who looked like he was about 15,(pictured here)leaned up against the iron gate by our table and let out a big sigh.

I said, "Are you ok?" and busboy proceeded to spill his guts.
"No. I've been working by myself..blah blah blah, 2 large birthday parties blah blah blah, the other guy isn't doing anything, blah blah blah"
I said, "You should ask for a raise"
"I can't." says Bussy.
"Why not?" ask I.
"Because it's my first night" says Bussy.
The Mister lets out a loud guffaw.

The other busboy is running around like Speedy Gonzalez, wiping tables, setting them, putting menus away.

Bussy starts again with the kvetching, "and that other busboy isn't doing anything!"
I say, "You mean the guy who's running around?"

The Mister lets out another loud laugh.

Bussy turns his back on us and puts his head on this arms while leaning on the gate. I take out my camera phone and take a picture of his back and send it to our home e-mail.
Bussy doesn't move.
I then take my camera out, and take a picture of him, flash and everything and he doesn't move.

The Mister asks, "How long do you think it's going to take until he's fired?"
"As soon as his Boss catches him complaining to customers" says I.