Thursday, June 29, 2006


The Mister and I were taking a little drive tonight after work, so that I could mystery shop a restaurant.
While we were in the car, I was talking about someone who told me that they turned down an interview for a possibly better position because they felt "ok," where they were.
I marvelled at why they wouldn't just go to see what the other job would offer.
Go for the interview experience and practice.
I don't understand it.
The Mister and I had the following exchange:

"It's none of my business"
"That's right"
"Why does it bug me that she won't even go to see what's being offered"
"let it go"
"It bugs me"
"let it go"
"But it might be a better opportunity, and she's young...and this is the time to take chances to better yourself"
"If she doesn't care if she gets ahead, why should you?"
"It bugs me"
"let it go"
"Don't be a Babetina"

(A "Babetina" is a meddler in Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian)