Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Click Around

Keith's Postcard Collection is really cool. I love postcards. Especially old ones. I really should buy more of them when we go places. I really should.
Since it's Canada Day weekend, You know you're Canadian when... and Imagecity by Dan McGarry.
Whom I assume is Canadian, judging by the number of pictures of things Ottawa.
There's no bio, so I can't be certain.

Toronto NightLIfe is all things Toronto...because let's face it...we're Canada's bellybutton.
Well, at least we're Canada's biggest to Montreal.
Toronto ranks as 3rd Politest city in the world., much to the disagreement of the rest of Canada. :P
Canada Kicks Ass has a a jokes section that is worth checking out.

In honour of all the road tripping that The Mister and I do, driving through small towns in Ontario, and Quebec and border states...

Neatorama found this cool site showing us A Day in the Life of The Soviet Union in photographs.

Here's the The AOLer Translator...mind you, I think this could work for all blogs by the 12 to 16ers too.
The Cemetery Collection is well...a collection of photographs of tombstones and sculpture in Russian cemeteries.
You know, the best cemeteries are in countries with long histories. The sculpure is often very beautiful.

Ok, kids...I'm off to make strawberry tarts with the stawberries we bought yesterday.