Thursday, July 13, 2006

I Laughed 'til I Cried...

This article in Today's Star about the long commute of GTA residents.


"GTA drivers spend 79 minutes daily on commute
It's even longer for transit users, StatsCan finds"

No shit, Sherlock?

Since I started driving, I get twice as far in half the time.
What kills me is that City Hall spends all it's time and money on things like by-laws to protect trees, and rights for cyclists, and art in the downtown core, and traffic calming speed bumps on residential streets where there may be a car every 20 minutes or so...but transit has been ignored.

And this city continues to swell at the seams.
Rather than invest in public transit...Pundits suggest stupid things like a toll to drive downtown, or the extension of the Sheppard line by a couple of stops.

Every time I consider the possibility of maybe taking public transit to get to work, I realize that one days trip to work is a half a tank of gas for me...which lasts me three days driving back and forth in the comfort and clean scent of my own car, in a quarter of the time it would take me by public transit.
I would have to be an idiot to take it, even if gas was 2 bucks a litre, at the rates that TTC and GO charges.
If I chose to use it, I would be helping the environment with no help from the government, to my severe inconvenience. It would take five hours of my life every day for me to help the environment by using the system.
I'm no martyr.

Systems need to be amalgamated, instead of worrying that we're not "world class", and rushing to please the residents of certain neighbourhoods.

All this talk about smog days and concern from City Hall on the environment is bullocks.
If they were so concerned, they'd focus on public transit and make it a priority...and make it affordable.

Yeah, and then I woke up.