Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bedlam in Lebanon

Canadians trying to get the hell out of Lebanon are having a really hard time of it.
The Canadian government underestimated the number of Canadians in the region.
This morning there was debate about who needs to be footing the bill to get these people back "home".

Speculation around how many are non-resident Canadians with no "home" to go to once they get "home" so to speak.
Questions around who would choose to vacation in Lebanon at this time, like the pregnant Hamilton woman Lara Tcholakian, on holiday in Lebanon with her husband and one-year-old son.
Apparently, Lebanon is on Canada's "not a good idea to go there" list. shit?
I'm no political analyst, but I could have told you that without the aid of the Canadian Consulate's list.

So, there's argument around the government footing the cost for some, and not for perhaps Tcholakian's family would fall into the category of "not eligible for being stupid enough to go in the first place".
I mean, it's not like you couldn't see this coming...

I'm of the mind that we get all Canadians out first, and then sort this shit out later.

Making people pay for their imbecility is compelling.
But, like Grandpa used to say...they're ours, even if they've got shit all over them...or they're dim.

Whichever fits.


Harper, wife and photo team to swing by in Prime Ministers private plane and pick up 120 passengers in Lebanon.
I know this is a PR move (major), but this appeals to even the die hard cynic in me.