Friday, July 28, 2006

These Shoes Were Made for Walkin'

Not really.
They're made for dancing!
But seriously, don't those shoes look like I should learn swing?
I have just the little black vintage dress for them...
I bought them today with the birthday gift certificate my sister-in-law gave me...and we are walkin'...The Mister and me are road trippin' again, so the Stepson is on his own this weekend.

We're headed to Vermont via Quebec, which means we'll stop a bit in Montreal, and we might even get as far as Boston, Mass.
We'll come back up through New York.
We've booked our Bed and Breakfasts and are pretty well ready to go.

I stopped into my favourite Indian Flute Salon for a cut and colour, and my Salon friend Kami was happy to see me...she had been waiting for me to come in to give me the movie she had told me about the last time I was there.
She leant me Saathiya a Bollywood movie.
She knows how much I love them and is slowly lending me the movies in her collection that she loves.
I watched it tonight and it didn't disappoint...drama, love, misunderstandings, parental guilt, and DANCING!

I promised her a Serbian movie when I returned her movie.
She was all excited because she's never seen a Serbian movie before...listen, I'll have to choose carefully since Eastern European movies are not nearly as fun as Bollywood movies are.

I hope I don't depress her.