Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Click Around

Yesterday, I found this interesting blog called Photographerno.
The author is someone who appears to be not only a amateur photographer, but someone who works in the Bollywood Fashion industry.
He has some sort of goal of 1000 blog entries in a certain span of time. He did a whole section on Eunuchs in Mumbai which is a subject I have always found fascinating.
Ever since I read Alev Lytle Croutier's book, Harem: The World Behind the Veil a very long time ago. It focused a lot on the Topkapi Palace and Harem in Turkey, and invited me to look into the art of Ingres. Eunuchs have an incredibly interesting history, and served an important purpose to Eastern Royalty. Keepers of the Royal Familys most prized possessions, and the handling of money, and were often very skilled in the use of a saber or blade.
It's a really captivating topic, and I thank Photographerno for taking me there again.

While I was looking for info to post on Eunuchs, I ran across Bollywood Vintage Movie Posters - Pre 1960 which has some great painted posters.

Life Magazine's cover search is worth a look, as well as The Life Photo Gallery.
But since Sophia Loren was my chosen Life cover, here's some news.
Sophia is going to pose nude as a Pirelli Pin Up at the age of 71.
Interesting, no?
I have to admit though, Sophia is fabulous.
She's gorgeous at 71.
Here is Fabulous Over 50 for a look at other people who have crossed that bridge and still look great.
Do you sing along to TV themes like a savant?
I do.
That's why I spent a long time on this site. I sang along with themes that I could not remember by just looking at the picture that accompanied the mpg file. But the minute the music started, I knew the lyrics from beginning to end.
Interested in pop culture collectibles?
This place has a tonne of crap from shit you've completely forgotten about.

I can't remember how I came across Little Oogie's, but he's got a gallery containing pictures of David Bowie from the 1960's to now. Which prompted me to have a look around at Photographers who specialized in Musicians. Redferns has a great collection of photos.

Ok kids...I think that's all...