Sunday, July 16, 2006

Brfday Click Around...

Yes, my girlikas and boycheks, today is my birthday. The Mister's sister and I, have the same birthdate, so every year...we celebrate together.
The Sister and I go for pedi and mani, and The Mister and SisterMister make us or take us out for dinner. It's a great day of rest, kiddies...

Anyhow, on to the very few things I've been looking at this week:
At I found Maxim On-Line's 10 Worst Comedians. I have to agree with most of them...even though I love Whoopi Goldberg, as a stand up she sucks. Judy Tenuta? Is she still around? Bleh, it just goes to show that you don't need talent to become irritating voice and some stupid props, and away you go..because we love to hate the celebs as much as we love to love them.

While we're on the subject of celebs, let's look at some Stupid Quotes. Melanie Griffith said:
'There's a sculpture in our bedroom, a solid brass replica of Antonio's manhood. It's very expensive, he gave it to me as a romantic gift.'
I don't know how something like that would come up in conversation, or why you would even say it out loud...even if someone said, "Hey...I have giant vagina pillows made out of satin all over my bed...", even if someone said that, no one needs to know you have a sculpture of Antonio Banderas' penis anywhere in your house.

Here are Top Celebrity Oddballs. Guess who's numero uno?

Yeah, I know...I've kind of gone down celebrity road this week, in my posts and now in my sharing of links.
Eh, what better way of confirming that money isn't everything.
So, one last celeb thing...Robert DeNiro as a car salesman.
What movie is this from?

Drunken Lagomorph led me to 1,500 of your favourite '80's Videos. I burned a good amount of time over there.

I'm off to do eff all for the rest of the day...see you tomorrow!