Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Better to Eat You, My Child!

Harding over at T.O. Crime sent me this David Hasselhoff music video
(Click on the image to view).

It's disturbing on so many levels.
Hmmm, let's see...could it be the fact that:

1. He's old enough to be their dad?
2. He's dressed like a teenager in this video, and he's like what? 100?
3. The song is all about luring young girls into your car for a ride home?
4. Through the whole song, his right eye is twitching like a serial killer on the hunt?
5. He actually sings the words; "you'll catch your death..."
6. He turns into the devil about 3/4's in?
7. He catapults a young chick from Kitt's passenger side, and Kit says sweet eff all?

Actually, it's all of the above.
Pity the plastic people, it's so much harder for them to get old.

I know he's big in Europe...particularly Germany...

Listen...all I'm sayin' is..."HASSELHOFF, STOPPEN SIE ES!"