Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm The Minister of the Interior

This morning The Mister was watching CP24, as we both do every morning while getting ready for work.
I heard him shout "Hey! I'm doing 1.4% better than last year!?!".
I came out of the laundry room to see that todays morning poll question was in regard to a StatsCan survey that men are doing 1.4% more around the house than they used to.

My reply?
"Yes...but your work around the house is seasonal".

Now, I can't even really get mad at him, because it's me who fixed it so.

See, I'm the anal Retentive Chef, and when The Mister cooks, I cannot watch.

I irritate.

I move things around. I slip cutting boards under his vegetables. I move the dishcloth off of the stove. I spray bleach on the counter after he's cut any kind of meat...I'm just generally a housefly buzzing around his head on a hot summer day to The Mister when he's in the he doesn't bother cooking much.

So, while I can say that I am The Minister of the Interior, and The Mister doesn't do much inside the house, I have to take some of the responsibility for that.

How is it at your house?